Heralds Chat, August 20

Our series of informal monthly online chat sessions for Eastern heralds continues this Thursday, August 20, from 7 PM to 9 PM. As always, our sessions are open to our counterparts in other kingdoms, and anyone interested in learning to be a herald. 

This month’s session is a roundtable on the role of branch heralds, intended both for those who currently hold that position and for others who might wish to take it on in the future.

I’m particularly interested in hearing from new branch heralds who want to learn how to do the job better — and of course experienced heralds who want to help teach them are equally welcome.

We’ll also field questions on any other heraldic topics you may have — if I don’t know the answer, I’ll help you find someone who does! If we have time at the end, we’ll close by doing a brief round of OSCAR commentary on the recently-issued EK LoI.

Join the discussion by clicking this link at 7 PM Eastern on Thursday:

(For iOS or Android, you’ll need to download the Google Meet app to connect. Video is optional, so feel free to disable your camera, or call in by phone as described at that link.)

If you have questions about the session or technical problems connecting to the conference, please contact me at elmet@eastkingdom.org.

— Mathghamhain Elmet, East Kingdom Heraldic Education

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