Quick Reference Guides

The following quick reference guides are offered to make certain heraldic tasks easier:

Divisions, Ordinaries, and Arrangements

Easily confused armorial terms:  Word Docx ▪ PDF ▪ JPG Page 1 ▪ JPG Page 2

An alternate version of this same chart: JPG ▪ PNGPDF

Charge Groups

Understanding charge group theory is essential to using the SCA style and conflict rules.  This flowchart helps identify the charge groups:  JPGVisio

An alternate version of this same chart: PNGPDF

Conflict Checking

This flowchart is designed to help conflict check two armorial designs:  JPGVisio

Tinctures, Furs, and Field Treatments

Each of these tinctures, furs, and field treatments is heraldically distinct: JPGPNGPDF


Determine whether a design appears to be a display of two or more independent arms marshaled together: PDF