Elmet Herald Seeks a Successor

It has now been three years since I accepted the position of Elmet Herald, the East Kingdom’s heraldic education officer, and while the first two years were productive, the truth is that over the last year I haven’t been doing a very thorough job, as I’ve taken on additional roles in the Society that have left me significantly overcommitted.

Therefore I am hoping to recruit a successor for the office of Elmet. If you are interested in the position, or if you think of anyone who might be well-suited, please let me know, or reach out to the East Kingdom Principal Herald, Yehuda Brigantia.

The function of the Elmet Herald is to encourage and facilitate heraldic education within the East Kingdom, but there’s a lot of flexibility in how this is caried out. One predecessor focused on encouraging heralds to teach in-person classes at events, while another produced a series of video classes to be posted on the web, and most of my effort was channeled into hosting online meetups where heralds could gather to learn and work together — you could follow any of these approaches, or develop your own.

You do not need to be a super-expert herald to do a good job as Elmet — there are lots of senior people whom you can encourage to teach classes, and existing resources that you can help lead newcomers to — what’s most important is engaging with both current heralds and those wishing to join our field, and helping to facilitate opportunities for that education to happen.

I’m not abandoning the heraldic community, and would be glad to train, support, or assist someone else in this position — I just know I’m unable to give it the time and attention it deserves, and would love to find someone who can make that happen.

In service,

— Mathghamhain Elmet

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