Eastern Heralds Chat, October 30

Greetings all — once again, it’s time for another bi-weekly Eastern Heralds online chat!

On Wednesday, October 30, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM Eastern, you are welcome to join us in a discussion group to talk about heraldry, ask any related questions you might have, and do some live OSCAR commentary on this month’s East Kingdom ILoI.

We’re hoping to hold these sessions every other week this fall, so if you can’t make this round, keep your eyes peeled for another one on Wednesday, November 13.

You can join the discussion by clicking this link at 7:00 on Wednesday: https://meet.google.com/uto-kpdc-wvx

(On Macs or Windows you can use Chrome or Firefox, but not Safari. For iOS or Android, first download the Meet app. Video is optional, so you can turn off your camera, or call in by phone at the number shown in the above link. Contact me directly if you have technical problems.)

I look forward to talking with you soon,

— Mathghamhain Elmet

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