Book Heraldry 100

NOTE: This is not a new class. See here for info: Blog posts are coming

The first class in the East Kingdom Herald University (EKHU) curriculum, Book Heraldry 100 is the entry point into being a Book Herald. This class covers general and administrative concepts used in the practice of heraldry in the SCA.

Topics include:
What so SCA Heralds do?
The EKHU curriculum
Organization of the College of Arms and Colleges of Heralds
Becoming a Herald
Useful Websites and Mailing Lists
Sources of Rules
The Submissions Process
Understanding Precedent

Taught by:
Lord Yehuda ben Moshe, Elmet Herald

The video of the class can be found here: Video (Class – 1:10, Q&A 0:10)
The PowerPoint handout is available here: PowerPoint and a PDF version can be found here: PDF

All EKHU classes can be seen on the main EKHU page: EKHU

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