Armory 102

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The second armory class in the East Kingdom Herald University (EKHU) curriculum, Armory 102 covers charge group theory and the SCA style rules. Charge group theory is the essential building block on which all SCA style rules and conflict rules are built. Style rules define the SCA core style – those designs registerable with no further documentation.

Armory 101 or a good understanding of basic armory and blazon are the expected prerequisites for this class.

The first 2/3 of the class focuses on charge group theory, including defining and identifying primary, secondary, tertiary, and overall charge groups, as well as identification practice. A thorough understanding of charge group theory is essential to understanding the other classes in the Armory curriculum. As charge group theory is a uniquely SCA development, familiarity with period, Victorian, or modern heraldry does not cover this topic.

The balance of the class covers the SCA core-style rules, including:
Types of armory
Clarity of charge groups
The slot machine rule
Unity of posture
Restricted, reserved, and disallowed charges
Steps from period practice (SFPP)

Taught by:
Lord Yehuda ben Moshe, Elmet Herald

The video of the class can be found here: Video (Class – 0:59)
The PowerPoint handout is available here: PowerPoint and a PDF version can be found here: PDF

All EKHU classes can be seen on the main EKHU page: EKHU

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